Syn Free Chicken Skewers | Slimming World Recipe

I am always looking for quick, easy and delicious new recipes to try out. Someone at my local Slimming World group always makes these delicious Chicken Skewers or Kebabs - whatever you like to call them, when there's a taster week. And wow, they are SO delicious. The ingredients are cheap and you could add them to a Slimming World friendly buffet or enjoy them as a Friday/Saturday night meal and it honestly feels like you're having a 'naughty' takeaway meal!

Chicken diced
Skewer sticks (if you want)
Lemon juics
Mild/Medium Curry Powder
Low Fat Greek Style Yoghurt

1. Marinate your diced chicken by mixing up all the spices and yoghurt together.
2. Leave in the fridge for roughly 1 hour.
3. After 1 hour, place the chicken on the skewers with peppers and onions.
4. Grill for 25 minutes.
5. Serves and enjoy!

It's as simple as that, and it tastes absolutely delicious.


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