100 Blog Post Ideas

Since I started blogging I am forever thinking of different blog posts to write. Half of them I forget because I haven't written them down and the other half I remember later on in the day or week! I would really advise to jot down a blog post idea the minute it gets into your head. You can jot it down in a small pad or in your phone. Here is a list of 100 blog post ideas for pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle blogs. I hope they are useful for you.

1. (number) facts about me
2. (child name) monthly update
3. House tour
4. Weight loss update/story
5. Pregnancy weekly update
6. Family dishes
7. Ideas for healthy lunch boxes for kids
8. Christmas/Halloween/Summer Craft ideas
9. Plan A Birthday Party
10. Planning a Christening
11. Top 5 Parenting phone apps
12. Top 10 Gifts For Kids
13. Birth Story
14. Healthy Snack ideas
15. An Open Letter
16. Why I Blog
17. 10 Things I have learnt since becoming a parent
18. Why I Love Being A Mum/Dad
19. Baby clothes haul
20. Looking back (old photos of kids)
21. Top 5 Family films
22. Top 5 family friendly places to eat
23. How to baby-proof your home
24. Tips to handle temper tantrums
25. Does it get easier as they grow older?
26. Dummy debate
27. Pushchair/reigns debate
28. Favourite outfit of the day/week
29. Winter/Summer walk with the kids
30. Things to do in (your local town/area)
31. Top tips from a parent of (number of children)
32. Tips to find the right pushchair/pram
33. Hospital bag list
34. Things a new parent need to know
35. Co-sleeping debate
36. Tips to settle your child
37. Top 5 most annoying kids TV programmes
38. Top 5 most educational kids TV programmes
39. How to make a school run less stressful
40. Tips to make your garden child friendly
41. Things never to say to a pregnant woman
42. Things you should never say to a new mum/dad
43. Life before and after parenting
44. Preparing your child for nursery/school
45. Financial tips for children
46. Best outfits for kids
47. What is the ideal family car
48. Best family friendly places to visit in Wales/England
49. Tips on travelling long distance with kids
50. Ways to entertain your children on the train/in car
51. Top tips on surviving a long flight with children
52. Tips on travelling alone with kids for the first time
53. Things you will experience when you are a school mum/dad
54. Things you didn't know about me
55. My favourite places to visit
56. My favourite room in the house
57. Potty training tips
58. Night time training tips
59. 20 Roles of a parent
60. The meaning behind my blog name
61. How to cope with a newborn
62. How to cope with a poorly child
63. Tips to take the dummy away
64. How to make your bathroom family friendly
65. How to make bath time fun for kids
67. How make a family friendly kitchen
68. 10 things my kids argue about
69. Are boys or girls easier?
70. My dream living room
71. 5 Things to do without the kids
72. 10 signs you live with a child
73. Keep your child safe this summer
74. Tips to keep you child safe abroad
75. Keep your child warm this winter
76. Winter saving tips
77. Top 5 family friendly holiday destinations
78. Newborn baby VS (age) year old
79. Tips to find the right childcare setting
80. How to choose your birthing partner
81. Share a personal story
82. Tips to help stop bullying in school
83. Keep your child safe on the internet
84. Ways to discipline your child
85. Top 5 story books
86. Kids bedroom ideas
87. What's in my changing bag
88. What's in my child's school bag
89. Why I taught my kids (language)
90. Tips to help your childs speech
91. 5 things I don't like about being a mum
92. 5 things I love about being a mum
93. How survive the early mornings
94. Why I let my child play the iPad
95. Tips to keep your relationship alive after having a baby
96. Reasons why I love to blog
97. My blogging space
98. 50 things that make me happy
99. Choosing the right bed for your child
100. How to get on top of your washing/chores with kids


  1. Fab list! Have bookmarked this! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Great list Beth! Thanks for sharing! I have over 300 draft posts with just titles that I need to get through, as soon as i get an idea i start a new post and write the title so I won't forget xx

  3. I'm a dad-blogger ... but I'm *Still* gonna use a bunch of these ... particularly things like the most annoying TV shows, although I don't know if I'll be able to keep it to just five ;-) Thanks for sharing on #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Love this list! I'm pinning this for when I get writers block! thanks for sharing it on #TwinklyTuesday xx

  5. Great list! Thank you for sharing! #ShareWithMe

  6. Marvellous list! I am looking forward to reading the posts from you! #justanotherlinky

  7. What a fab list! I am totally bookmarking this for those moments when I'm trying to think of something to write! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  8. This is great, thanks so much for sharing it - it really gets the creative juices flowing! So, that's the next 100 posts sorted ;) #justanotherlinky

  9. What a fantastic list. It's always great to have ideas written down so you can continue to write every day. I love that. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  10. Great list to refer too! My mummy is constantly mind dumping her ideas in a note book! #TwinklyTuesday

  11. I know exactly what you mean about forgetting blog post ideas. I usually come ups with loads in the middle of the night while I'm settling one or other of the kids, then by morning they are gone! Great list - I've done a fair few of these myself #twinklytuesday

  12. Fantastic list! thanks for sharing :)

  13. This is ace hun! I need to look at this when I feeling in a blog slump :-) Congrats again by the way and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  14. I read this mommy blog and its give me good idea and full train me how to spend my pregnancy time thanks for share it Nancy Barrette .

  15. Fab list, I've done a couple of these posts! It's great inspiration! Xx

  16. long I thought that I would start to write. what topic. Thank you for giving the idea. I moved forward

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  19. Thanks and love this list! I'm pinning this for when I get writers block! thanks for sharing it on weekend.

  20. This is a wonderful list of blog topic ideas to write about for parenting bloggers. Thank you for sharing them. They will come in handy when I'm having writers block.

  21. Love your list! Thanks for sharing. I'm saving this and hopefully I can start writing up a few this weekend x

  22. Really good list with lots of different topics!Love this list! I'm pinning this post for when I get writers block!

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