Elf On The Shelf Day #1

It's the 1st of December already! Where has the time gone?! This year I have introduced The Elf on the Shelf to the girls. She is called Buddy but Elliw seems to call her Elfster! For the welcome, Buddy was sat on top of the stairs landing waiting for Mia and Elliw to wake up so they can open up their advent calendars. She also left Mia and Elliw a Christmas card and a very important letter.

Once Elliw woke up I could hear her footsteps stop outside my bedroom and she went 'oh wow!' and she ran to Mia to wake her up. After Mia woke up I could hear them both chattering away wondering what the Elf was doing there. My partner opened up the important letter and read the letter to them both whilst they were both sat down listening eating their chocolate from window #1 on their advent calendars.

I have explained to the girls that they are not allowed to touch Buddy because he will loose his magic! They are both to behave and listen because Buddy reports back to Santa every night. Buddy will not be here some days after school but he will still be listening and watching, although you can not see him! He is magic after all, right? They are yet to take a picture with him and I can't wait until they do! It's be so fun! I have got one super idea for Mia's 6th birthday on Saturday. She will be one happy birthday girl when she sees what Buddy will be giving her!

Have you done Elf on the Shelf before?

If you are stuck on ideas, here are some Elf on the Shelf ideas.


  1. Our elf has come back for the third time and the kids were delighted to see him this morning! We also have the same two calendars that you have there :)


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