Bus Travels With No Pram!

I've got to travel on bus if I need to get into town to go shopping or meet someone and I always find it a hassle having to go on the bus with the pram all the time as I always worry there may not be space on the bus incase there is another pram there or if there is someone else taking the pram space. I always try to avoid taking the bus but if I need to go then I just go. Today I decided to take Elliw without the pram, I remember taking her with no pram quite a few months back too and I said 'never again!' however this time was different. She was well behaved and she was really excited as she probably felt so grown up! She loved looking out the window at the sheep in the fields. She also loved singing on the top of her voice too with everyone looking at her, as cute as she was it was pretty embarrassing but I couldn't stop laughing!
I will most definitely take her out more often without a pram. The only time I do take her out in a pram is when we go to town or taking Mia to school when Elliw doesn't go to Playgroup in the morning and to pick Mia up from school.

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  1. Love her big smile in the photo and sounds like Elliw did very well without the pram :-)

    1. Thanks Louise. She felt so proud of herself. Looking forward to taking her again soon!


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