What Being A Mum REALLY Is.

When you're pregnant you don't really think ahead as in what it is going to be like when the baby is a bit older such as 2 or 3 years old. We all know that you will love the child unconditionally. We hear about the sleepless nights, the tempers etc but we mostly hear more about how much we will love the child. Not often will we be told the actual truths about being a mother.

Yes, we are a teacher to our child. They copy and look at everything that we do, we are the ones who learn them to talk, walk and other things. They can start school at 2.5 years old but full time school at 5 years old, however it's not only the high-paid teachers that teach them, us mums who don't get paid we teach our children every single day. We help them with numbers, words, manners, dressing themselves and so much more.

Bad Mum
Us Mums are in the bad books most days of the week. They don't like the word NO but they have to learn the hard way sometimes. As the child gets older we may even get told that our child hates us, wants to leave home and so on, I remember saying it to my Father! Luckily, Mia isn't old enough yet and she has only told me 'I don't like you mam' I guess that is better than the word hate!

This is one job I'm not very good at if i'm honest. Sometimes at bedtime we will have singing time and usually the songs are Let It Go and about 2 nursery songs. They love it when I sing but I know in my head I sound like a screeching cat. But Hey! If they like it then i'll just carry on.

Nurse and Carer
We have to stop everything such as routine and work if our child is unwell. We have to be a nurse for the day or two (or longer) whilst they are unwell. Except we don't get paid for it but we don't mind as we hate seeing the children unwell. We have to clean up sick, change dirty nappies/underwear oh and don't forget, every mother experiences getting puked on!

Night Carer
Oh yes, those sleepless nights where maybe the child is a bit unwell or maybe the child just won't settle at all. Those nights where you really needed the sleep but end up awake most of the night then a zombie for the rest of the day but we all manage it!

There are so many things we have to do when we are a Mother and most things we weren't even told but just taught ourselves naturally as the child grows older. It can be extremely hard work but it really is worth it in the end. Seeing the smile on the child's face at the end of the day, the bedtime story time before they go to sleep really does make up for a bad a tiring day.
There are many more things I could add to the list but I would be here forever writing them down.

What do you think being a Mum is?

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