30 Day Shred DAY 7.

It's been a week since I started the 30 day shred and if i'm honest I haven't tried my best. I did my best actually doing the work outs but I have been struggling with the food part. I am struggling to get back on plan with Slimming World and just eating too much junk but I have to get back on it today. If you didn't know I was going the 30 Day Shred you can read Day 1 here.

Rest Days: 3.

Top Legs -
was; 22" now; 22"

Bottom Legs -
was; 16.5" now; 16"

Thighs -
was; 27.6" now; 26.5"

Hips -
was; 47" now; 46.6"

Waist -
was; 33.5" now; 33.6"

Arms -
was; 13" now; 12.2"

Bum/Lower back -
was; 45" now; 44.5"

As you can see I've lost a tiny bit in some places but not as much as I wanted to but if I carried on eating healthily then I know I could of lost more so it is my own fault. I need to loose everywhere on my body at the moment but the main part I am looking too loose the most is my lower back just above my bum! I really hate how much weight I've put on there! I was only planning to have 1 rest day but I had my 1st rest day when I wasn't well at all, the 2nd rest day I had to get ready for work all day so I didn't have time and my 3rd rest day we had a family day out and came back late. I will come back next Monday on my results again and hoping I've lost a lot more.

Next Weeks Goal - Loose more inches in every single place. Would be happy with an inch off in every area stated above. Cut out the junk. Eat more healthily.

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