Monday, 27 April 2015

A Mother's Journal To Her Child #2.

If you read my blog then you might of seen my previous post, if you haven't then you can take a read here. I have started this Online Journal to write things down about me and my family so my two girls can take a look back when they are older.

MUM GROWING UP (7 years - 15 years)

Who were your best friends in primary school?
Amy, Natasha, Daniel.

Best friends in secondary school?
Amy, Rachel, Becky, Gabbi, Kim & Clara.

Where did you live?
Bangor, North Wales.

Favourite singing group?
STEPS! I was a little too obsessed. Ha ha.

Favourite colour?


Favourite subject in secondary school?
I enjoyed French. Also enjoyed History because I had it with my best friend and we always had a laugh!

Favourite teacher in primary & secondary school?
In primary I think it was Mrs Walters. Secondary I would say Mr. Hughes.

During the day and after school I liked too..?
Usually went to town to meet friends, or walk around were I lived.

My friends would describe me as...?
Funny and the 'slow' one as I was always slow understand jokes HA HA.

Favourite TV Programme?
Friends & still is!

Favourite Book?
I read a lot more then and from what I remember I liked reading a book called 'About A Boy'.

What I loved about growing up?
I loved the freedom and being able to just do what I want. I sit down sometimes and wish I had done some things differently. I should have relaxed more and should not have taken life so seriously. I was a child, I had no idea how it was to be an Adult!

Until next time... Mum xxx

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