1. My two beautiful daughters.
2. My nephew.
3. My Partner.
4. My lovely home.
5. My family.
6. Close friends.
7. Blogging.
8. Having some 'Mum' time.
9. Going out for lunch.
10. Days out.
11. Blogging.
12. Cuddles with my daughters.
13. Money (when I get it!).
14. Walking.
15. Taking photos.
16. Looking through old photo albums.
17. Family get togethers.
18. That feeling after giving your house a spring clean.
19. Loosing weight.
20. My 'quiet' evenings when kids are in bed.
21. Waking up to my two beautiful daughters each morning.
22. Writing.
23. Buying new journals and notepads!
24. Watching Hollyoaks (sad I know!)
25. My 'quiet' 2 hour morning break when girls are in school.
26. Listening to my youngest saying new words perfectly.
27. Watching my eldest draw pictures.
28. Watching my two girls playing together nicely which is quite rare!
29. Un-stressful school mornings.
30. A summery family day out.
31. When I have achieved something that makes myself proud.
32. Chocolate.
33. Christmas.
34. Talking about old memories.
35. Having a cup of tea.
36. Shopping.
37. Buying new clothes.
38. When all the washing is done.
39. Our date nights.
40. My pink comfy dressing gown.
41. Chinese!!
42. New shoes/boots.
43. Post/Deliveries.
44. Watching Disney films with the girls.
45. Sitting down doing nothing, with no kids!
46. Getting new e-mails.
47. Movie nights.
48. Seeing my girls happy and smiling.
49. Watching my girls helping eachother out.
50. Buying new things/accessories for the house.

It was pretty hard trying to think of 50 things that make me happy but there we go! I am sure there are a lot more things that make me happy but I really can't think of any at the moment. I haven't been tagged by anyone but I would like to tag; Kerry at OhSoAmelia | Catriona at LovedByMummy & Jess at OwlCrazyMummy 

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  1. This is a lovely list :) I did this recently and it's lovely to take a moment and think about the things we might forget on a daily basis that do make us happy. I love with all of these, just how much our children pop up! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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