The Science Of Hearing

The Science of Hearing
Infographic provided by Hidden Hearing

I think it's amazing how our bodies work. I found this infographic very interesting to read. It's amazing how the brain and our ears work. Many people I know suffer with hearing problems. Most of them are elderly. You would only think that it is mainly the elders that suffer with hearing loss but shockingly it can slowly start from the age of 30-40. I think when I am older I will worry about hearing problems. I hope my hearing doesn't get affected, I am too nosey and love listening to people talking when I'm on the bus, or in the doctors or somewhere public ha ha! I think we all do that though, don't we? But it is great that there are hearing aids to help people with hearing problems.



  1. That is interesting to read....My youngest is completely deaf in one ear but they have said a hearing aid probably won't work...She is fine with it though.

  2. I've got a hearing problem. I'm not going deaf but there's certain sounds/words I just don't pick up on. my granpas got it quite bad, my dads getting worse too xx


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