Celebrity Parents Suffer With Toddler Tantrums Too!

Yup. It's true. They do. I came across a photo the other day on Instagram. A photo of Kim Kardashian-West's daughter North West wearing a Minnie Mouse helmet, umbrella and vest top. Guess what? This is what North wanted to wear to go outside. YES! She was actually having a toddler tantrum!

Now. We all think Celeb's don't have to handle toddler tantrums as they have nannies and because we just never see or hear about it. In a way I am glad Kim K shared this photo of North. It just shows that Celebs {much higher and bigger person than us} have to deal with the same things we have to deal with.

How adorable does North West look there? Even though she is having a tantrum ha ha!
I'm sure North isn't the only child in 'Celeb World' that has a tantrum... If you have seen anymore let me know by commenting below.


  1. It's funny to think that celebs have to deal with this too! It's a cute photo though x

  2. It's nice to see that celebs and their little ones are just as normal as the rest of us


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