The Day We Got Lost In Thailand

My partner, both girls and myself went to visit Market Village as normal. Market village is huge! We visited there most days whilst we were on our 3 weeks holiday. It had clothes shops, Tesco, mobile phone stalls and many other shops and stalls. If I remember rightly there are about 5 floors.

One day, I cant remember what day it was but we went to visit Market Village and we went for food to Burger King which is just right outside. I told my partner I was going to go down to the basement {the basement had loads of stalls selling cheap things, mostly copies!}. I took Mia with me but then he asked me if I could take Elliw too as he wanted to go to toilet which was on the 2nd floor. So off me and the girls went into the basement.

If I remember rightly, I was trying to finish of getting other people gifts. I went into one stall and the staff just loved Mia and Elliw. I kind of had a conversation with them but then my phone rang. I thought it would be rude if I just answered so I hung up and carried on talking which I knew the conversation wasn't going to last much longer anyway.

We walked out of the stall and I tried to phone my partner back. That's when the problem began. My phone died. The battery went flat and I couldn't get it to switch back on again. This is when I started to slowly panic but I tried to stay calm for the girls. Luckily there were benched near where we were and I thought since he knew we were in the basement, I thought he would of come down. But I didn't see him. We waited for 20 minutes. The girls were getting bored and starting to run around. So off we went to the first floor, the second floor, the fourth and the fifth! We waited in the car park three times for a while too and it was so hot there.

We walked around so much. I was getting really tired. The girls were shattered. We just kept going up and down stairs and floors. The place was just so big. So many people. And why I was more scared was because I knew they wouldn't understand me. After all they are Thai!

Nearly two hours later... We came back into the Market from the car park, I started having tears and who did I see?! My partner. My heart raced. We were all so pleased to see him.

I honestly felt alone. All I could think was, how am I going to find him? I didn't know how to say to the taxi about where we were staying so I could go back to the house to my partners parents. I was petrified! But thank god, after a very slow long scary 2 hours... we found eachother!

What lesson have I learnt? Always charge my phone, every single day, even when I am on holiday.


  1. Yes ALWAYS charge your phone, as it is Sod's Law that something bad will ONLY happen when you have no battery left!! #bestandworst

  2. That's one of mine as well as I've also learnt the hard way. #bestandworst

  3. OMG so scary! I would be having a fit. I was just saying to hubby I want to go to charge the phone!! Glad you found your partner hun and all was well. Thanks for linking up to #bestandworst and please pop back!! xx

  4. Oh bless you that's SOOO scary. I have been there before it's like a mad dash when you finally find your place or person and it's anger and relief all balled into one that you got lost. Big hugs glad it was a good end to finding your partner. Thailand is a busy place. Poor you. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  5. Oh no that is scary, I've never been to Thailand but can imagine how busy it is. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts, please add my badge or link to


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