I Miss Thailand

The weather has been really hot. It's cooling down a little but last week reminded me so much of Thailand. I felt quite sad in a way because I really do miss the place. For being there 3 weeks I could really explore the place and I honestly can not wait until I go there again to explore more. There was so much to do in Thailand with and without children. With the heat we had here last week I could of done with some ice cream cake like the one we bought from Swensen's in Market Village to celebrate Elliw's 3rd birthday with the in-law's and friends.

The temperature went up to around 25 or 26 degrees one day last week and that was the day that really did remind of Thailand. Mia made a few comments such as 'Today is like Thailand yes mam, because it's so warm' Although I do think she meant hot instead of warm. It was just a little mad to think that when we were in Thailand it was a little hotter there and although this may sound weird, the heat was different. The weather was just completely different there. Although the temperatures were pretty similar it was a totally different feel in Thailand. I miss so many things...

I miss not caring what I wear. I honestly do. Around here I am still wearing my full-length black leggings because I am worried of people judging and because I just don't feel comfortable. Thailand, everyone was friendly, no one stared or made judgements. I felt comfortable. I actually wore a dress to visit the beach.

{Ignore my big legs please! and Elliw's odd face haha}

I miss not doing anything. Ahh! Not having a routine for 3 weeks then coming back home is a killer! It took us about 2 or 3 weeks to get back in routine fully. It was really nice in Thailand just not having to think of bills, phone calls, appointments, waking up and getting ready for school runs and my partner getting ready for work.

I miss that feeling when I woke up. When I woke up in Thailand I felt happy. I just felt so damn lucky to be there. In a different country. Hours and 1000's of miles away from home. It was weird being in a different time than the UK but I loved it.

I miss the smell and the Thai way of life. My partners Dad told me before we left for Thailand that once we reach Thailand there would be that different smell, when I reached there I knew what he meant.

I miss sticky rice and mango. Hmmm.. I could really do with that right now! From the side of the street on one road there was someone who did sticky rice and mango which was absolutely delicious.

I miss the roads and views. The views there are just stunning. No words can describe how stunning and beautiful they are. The roads are totally different to the UK. It's scarier. Motorbikes and cars are just everywhere but there are a lot more motorbikes than cars!

I miss the food. Before visiting Thailand I never really tried many different foods in this country. I hardly ever bought or cooked Thai food either. When I was in Thailand I think the only English food we had was Burger king about two or three times and Mcdonalds twice. The rest was Thai food. Although there was an English menu on most menus I just really enjoyed the Thai food. My favourite was chicken in cashew nuts and chicken in garlic. They were gorgeous! Oh and don't forget the chicken in satay too. I enjoyed that.

I miss the swimming pool. I went into the swimming pool outside, every single day. So did my partner. We also managed to learn Elliw to swim in the swimming pool too. It was a lovely way to just cool down in the middle or at the end of the day.

I miss the people and the language. The Thai's were amazed by Mia and Elliw but more amazed over Elliw. They seem to love white younger children and babies and I think the blonde hair was a bonus! They had their photos taken with so many Thai people. It wasn't like this country. If someone did that around here you would be classed as a youknowwhat. But in Thailand it is just a normal thing. It was nice. The language was so interesting and I really do miss it! I wish I would have learnt more of the language.

I miss going into town on a motorbike. Yup I actually had my first EVER motorbike ride there! I was petrified. I did scream a little... just a little. My partner drove. It was pretty scary one evening when we were going to the night market, all there was were motorbikes everywhere and cars coming up close to you. But you got to go with the their way of life!

There are so many things I miss about Thailand. It is truly an amazing place to visit.


  1. Oh you make it sound so inspiring. It is on my bucket list. Hope you feel more settled soon #twinklytuesday

  2. sounds lovely. My parents went to Thailand a few years back and just loved it

  3. I've never been to Thailand. You made it sound very lovely in your post. Thank you for sharing your trip with us at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.

  4. Everyone I know has just recommended Thailand and you've made it sound wonderful. Glad you had a lovely time. #mmwbh

  5. I always miss holidays! I still miss Turkey from three years ago haha! 3 weeks is such a long time to be away, you always just get used to the way of things and think that's your new life and then suddenly it's back home with a thump! Just remember all your memories fondly! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Oh wow it sounds like you had a fantastic time! x #MyCapturedMoment

  7. You have made it truly sound magical. It's on my list to go someday I hope the kids get to join in my in tha adventure too. It's great for them to see other cultures and country too. What a great three weeks you sound like you had. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  8. Your so luck to have had the opportunity to have stayed there for such a long holiday. I can see why you miss it so much. I hope you get back there soon. Thanks for linking up with #MyFavouritePost

  9. I love Thailand too, it's such a beautiful and magical country - with gorgeous people and amazing food! My husband and I went there around ten years ago and then again a few years later for our honeymoon. These are such stunning pictures, I totally understand why you want to go back. Thanks you so much for linking up to #MyCapturedMoment xx

  10. I have never been, but it sounds amazing. I hope you get to go back soon x

  11. Sounds like you had a fab time. I went to Thailand with my husband about 9 years ago before children, we both loved it and would love to go back. Its an amazing country. #HappyDays

  12. It sounds like such an amazing country, I've never been but would love to X #HappyDays
    Blogging at Boo & Maddie

  13. So many people i know say good things. Maybe I'll have to go one day. Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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