Elliw's Playschool Trip

Last week Elliw went to big school for a trial morning. She absoloutley loved it! She loved it even more because she knew it was Mia's class but Mia wasn't in the class that day as she had moved up to Year 1 for the day too. Mia also loved it. Elliw had to leave early because she was going on her first trip with playschool.

Elliw had her first school trip with play-school the same morning she had a her 'trial' morning in big school. So she was in big school for about 45 minutes until i picked her up to go on the bus that was booked to take the kids and other Mum's to the trip. Elliw was really excited when i picked her up and the teachers said she was a 'rel boi' a welsh saying that basically she was very confident and she loved every minute. She was then, excited to go on her first trip with play-school. When she saw the bus she kept shouting 'bus bus bus' She loved it!

On the way to the trip Elliw had a little scream {a big scream actually}. She did not want to sit. Luckily one of the aunties from play-school gave her the ipad and she was quiet. There wasn't long until we reached where we were going. We went to Nant Gwrtheyrn which is a place where you can go on Welsh language courses and other things. It's a truly stunning and amazing place to go when the sun is out. The view is just breath-taking. There was a show in one room for a few different play-schools and we were lucky enough to be there too. I remember going with Mia when she was in play-school so it was nice going to the same place with Elliw. Elliw absoloutley loved it. There was plenty of singing, dancing and clapping! The show was by Mudiad Meithrin which is a company who try to encourage welsh speaking with the characters Dewin and Doti the dog.


  1. What a busy and exciting day for Elliw, it sounds like it was very engaging for them and just the thing for a first trip. #What'sthestory

  2. That was an exciting day for her! Sounds like you had a really fun time :) #whatsthestory


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