Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Daughter Is Going Abroad Without Me...

I was told last month by Mia's Dad that he is taking Mia on holiday with his partner and other daughter {Mia's Sister}. My heart dropped. I'm not sure why I got worried there and then because they are not going until June next year. It may be because I know that this year will just fly by.

I couldn't and never would say he isn't allowed to take her because at the end of the he is her Dad. I took her to Thailand for 3 weeks. So I just have to deal with it. She is really excited to go and I know she will really enjoy herself. I think I am going to feel lost, scared and a little worried. At the end of the day I am her Mother, I am the one who carried her for 9 months and looked after her from the minute she was born so I guess it is just natural that I am worried. I had tears in my eyes thinking about it when he told me.

11 months to go...

Has anyone else experienced their child/ren going abroad without you?


  1. My eldest went to Spain last year with her grandparent and I was a nervous wreck at first and worried something would happen but she had a great time and after a day or two I started to relax and knew I was being silly. It's normal for us mums to worry xx

  2. I'd feel worried too, not because something will happen but because I wouldn't be there. But you have to let her go and she'll love you for it x


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