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Pea and Ham Soup Recipe

Pea and ham soup is something I have been wanting to make for quite some time now but never got round to it. About a week ago me and my partner went to our local meat warehouse store, well saying local it's about 40 minutes away in Llangefni. We saw they had 2 gammon joints for a decent price, if I remember rightly it was about £6.99. We decided we would make our own pea and ham soup as we used to get it from his mam in the past.

I can't say it was very simple to make but we did it in the end and it tasted delicious. It's not a pretty quick one to make either. In total it takes roughly 20 hours in the slow cooker. But I have to say it was totally worth it and it will last for a few days. I thought I would share the recipe and method with you all -

What you need:
Ham joint
Dried peas

What to do:
Put the ham into the slow cooker with a cup full of water and leave for 8 hours.
Soak the peas in heatproof bowl and follow the box instructions (they soak for 12 hours).
Once ham is done - take it out and once cooled, shred it and remove all fat (and remember to remove fat from the water in slow cooker too!)
Leave the water in slow cooker as that is your juice for taste.
Add peas, ham, onions, potatoes and more water into slow cooker and cook on low for 10 hours.

Have you ever made pea and ham soup?

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  1. Funny enough I bought the ingredients this week to make it as hubbie loves it. Thanks for the recipe although I haven't got a slow cooker Xxx


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