Things I'd Like To Do Differently In My 3rd Pregnancy

I look back at my other two pregnancies and I wish I would have done so many things differently and I am determined to do things differently with this pregnancy. This pregnancy is going to be my last. It does make me sad to think that but in all honesty I don't think I would be able to cope with four kids. I think 3 is just the right number for me, for now.

I was at my thinnest when I was pregnant with Mia and with Elliw I was a bit big but at the curvaceous side and would do anything to go back to that again! This pregnancy I am at my biggest and I am so disappointed with myself. I feel sick thinking about my BMI and to think I had lost 3 and a half stone this time in 2014 and I gained 2 and a half stone during 2015 makes me sick. But anyway, it is done and it is only me who can do something about it. I am not quite sure when I will start showing with this one but I am getting awful stretching pains, especially the last few days. I showed at around 10 weeks with Mia and Elliw.

Since I have found out I was pregnant the weather has been pretty awful. I have been extremely tired and have had no energy at all. The past week I have got my energy back a bit so I am determined to go on for more walks and go for longer walks after dropping the kids off at school. I haven't really got an excuse not too. I would need to get some waterproof clothing and trainers for me to walk in the rain but other days I just need to get off my a*se and go. I have also thought about bringing the exercise bike back out and do some steps. Ideally I would like to loose weight during this pregnancy. I would love to loose inches in my hips, lower back and legs. This is what I am aiming to do. I gained 7 stone with my pregnancy and 2 stone in my second pregnancy so I am determined I do not want to gain in this pregnancy.

I am going to kick myself in the head and get into gear with eating more healthily too. My partner wants to eat more healthy to so I am hoping if we both stick at it and support each other we both can do it. I know the Slimming World plan so I am wanting to stick to that but do it from home, for now. I am going to start writing my meal plans and weight loss plan/journey either weekly or fortnightly on the blog so it can hopefully help me kick start and stick to it.

I suffered with Obstetric Cholestasis in my other two pregnancies and there is a high chance I will get it again. In fact, I know I will have it again. I am only 11 weeks and I have already started itching on the palms of my hands and feet for the past few weeks. Not really bad though, I would say the very very early stages. It will be interesting to know when I will start properly itching because it started at 30 weeks with Mia and around 25 weeks with Elliw.

One thing I would really like to be different in this pregnancy is if I could reach my due date and go into labour myself. I was induced both times in previous pregnancies and I felt I lost out in that 'excitement' part of waiting to go into labour and reaching the due date. I just hope I can do that this time round.

It's just the matter of taking it a day at a time isn't it.

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  1. Good luck, I hope the pregnancy goes well! My third was the worst for me, here's hoping it will be the opposite for you!!


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