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Growing Bump

When I was pregnant with Mia I slowly started showing around 12 weeks but with Elliw I started showing around 10 weeks. With this third pregnancy I am bigger in my weight so I didn't show as early as Elliw, but I knew there was a change as I could feel it but I knew no one else would notice. My partner noticed around 12 - 13 weeks because my bump was quite hard. But otherwise I don't think my bump was properly visible to everybody else until I was roughly 16 odd weeks pregnant.

The past week I do feel like I have 'popped out'! The photos I have uploaded on my personal Facebook and my 17 week pregnancy update, people have noticed the big change in my bump. I am loving my maternity leggings at the minute as they are just so comfortable. I am fitting into the same sized clothes but I feel more comfortable in my maternity tops and bottoms.

It has shocked me with how big I am already at only 18 weeks pregnant. My partner is even shocked! We are both a little worried to how big I will get (lol!). I was pretty big with Elliw so it will be quite interesting to see if I will be even bigger this time. I am hoping it isn't a sign that baby is going to be bigger than Elliw because her birth weight was a wooping 9lbs 8oz and I really don't fancy pushing a bigger baby out of me! Oops! I am having growth scans every couple of weeks during the end so they will see then how baby is growing.


  1. Eek they do say you show more earlier each time!! Hopefully you won't keep growing as much otherwise it'll be a big baby and you'll be super tired by the end!! It's exciting having a bump though xx

  2. It's funny how much it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy, isn't it? It took ages for my belly to 'pop' with Jasmine. In fact, I didn't tell work until I was 23 weeks pregnant and they hadn't a clue.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. I'm pregnant with my second just now and am not as big as I was in my first, although did show sooner. I love how many photos you have taken! I didn't take many of my first pregnancy and wish I had more to look back on x

  4. You have a lovely bump! I also used to love my maternity leggings haha, they're just so comfortable! x

  5. I love reading pregnancy week updates. Your bump is wonderful, it makes me miss my own... almost! I too was a huge maternity leggings fan... come to think of it I still am! H x

  6. Love your bump!
    I definetly found my bump was bigger the second time round, and my little boy weighed less than his older sister.
    I always lived in my maternity leggings and jeggings. So comfortable.

  7. Aww what a lovely bump :-) I've definitely noticed that I am bigger and showing quicker second time round and most people seem to say the same! Emily

  8. You have a lovely bump. I've just had baby number 3 and expected to be much bigger having a girl than I was with the boys but I carried roughly the same.

  9. I feel so much bigger second time round and I can definitely tell I'm carrying another boy - they say it's all in the front with boys, maybe that's why you feel so big this time? I was heavier in weight when I feel pregnant second time,but still showed really quickly xx

  10. Aww you really are growing a cute little bump now aren't you.. I miss my bumps!! makes me so broody everyone is pregnant and the mo!! x

  11. Aw. It's growing so quickly already. All my pregnancies were very different.


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