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My Top 5 Favourite Places To Eat In North Wales

My partner and I love going out for food to a restaurant. We try and do it at least once or twice a month if we have enough money to go. I usually go for the usual such as a curry or a gammon but my partner always goes for different things each time. Mia will go for her curry and rice. Elliw will go for her usual chips, rice and chicken nuggets or poppin' chicken. We have been out for many meals in past (nearly) 5 years of being together. Here are my top 5 favourite places to eat in North Wales, in no particular order:

Brewers Fayre
We have been here quite often and were lucky to have the chance to do a review last year for Brewers Fayre. Me and my partner were really looking forward to check out their new food menu and couldn't wait for the sharing platter for pudding! I had no faults with the food there. They give you a good portion for the price and brilliant customer service. Perfect to go there as a couple, friends and family.

Aroy Dee Thai Noodle Bar
This is another restaurant we visit often. Since visiting Thailand last year I have become really interested in Thai food. The customer service in this restaurant is fantastic. The staff are quick and very friendly. The food is reasonably priced and very tasty. You will not be disappointed.

Me and my partner have visited this restaurant many of times and never have we been disappointed. There is a choice a menu or an all you can eat buffet and a reasonable price. We always go for the all you can eat buffet. The choices are Thai, Indian or Chinese food and the food is absolutely delicious.

The Antelope Inn
Me, my partner and the girl always enjoy our foods here. With their great main meal deals it is great to go if you aren't looking to spend much money. With quick service and friendly staff you will not be disappointed. If you get a seat near the windows you will not be disappointed with the stunning views over Menai Straits.

Although TableTable have cut down on their portions I must admit I still always enjoy their foods. With a great choice of food to choose from on their menu and a great choice for kids on their children's menu its perfect. The staff are friendly and quick service.

Have you been anywhere for food in North Wales?


  1. I don't even think I've been to North Wales, although I've always heard great things about Brewers Fayre x

  2. I've not been to North Wales but it's somewhere I would love to visit so I'll bear these in mind. I love Brewers Fayre, not that Ive been for a while! xx

  3. I have never been to Wales but if I ever do I will have to go and check out your recommendations

  4. I've never been to north Wales but it's nice to have this to refer to if I ever go! :-) Finding nice places to eat when going on a trip can be hard!

  5. The dessert looks amazing, I will keep the restaurant in mind for the summer, when I'm going to N. Wales again.

  6. They sound great. I can't wait to go to Wales again.

  7. We have a brewers fayre local to us and have been quite a few times. We always have a lovely meal.

  8. Such a useful post, I don't know North Wales well at all.

  9. Ooh I'm hungry now! I haven't been to Brewers Fayre in so long.
    Emily from

  10. Brewers Fayre's food looks tempting. Might be worth it to pay a visit. :)

  11. I've only ever been to Wales once, and it was very briefly. I need to remedy this, if only to go try out some of these restaurants! Yum!

  12. Great places here. I will have them in mind for when next I visit.

  13. iv never been to wales but im sure i could travel for some of thoes brownies

  14. Oh my gosh - that share platter!!!!! Those brownies looks INCREDIBLE, would go to that restaurant just for the platter!

  15. we aren't too far from wales and go every now and then for the beaches. will have to give these place a try

  16. I haven't been to North Wales for a long time, but when I revisit I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind. Those brownies look really delicious too :) xx

  17. They all sound great - we love Brewers Fayre, we have always had good food there. Kaz x

  18. Ooh thanks for this!
    We are going to North Wales in September for a holiday so we'll be trying some of these out :)

  19. Thanks for the recommendations! Those brownies look delicious!

  20. I have only ever been to Wales once but I really want to go back. We had such an amazing time.
    If we're ever in North Wales I will defo visit some of these.
    Thanks for the recommendations hun
    Charlotte x

  21. Not been to any of these but one of our faves is Sopna Menai Bridge. And then we also like Harveys Bar & Grill in Llandudno (one opening in Bangor soon!) and the Hickory's Smokehouse in Rhos On Sea. x


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