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Baby Boy Bedroom Wishlist

I am currently in the middle of doing a huge makeover in the girls bedroom and can not wait to show you all! Whilst I have been doing the makeover I have been thinking about how I would like Baby boy's room too. Baby boy's room will only be a small box room but big enough for a wardrobe, toy box and single bed when older. At the moment we have some shelves, cot and moses basket to put into the room, along with all the clothes too. I need to purchase some more storage such as chest drawers and a rail to hang and keep his clothes.

Many themes came to my head such as - Blue pastels, Grey clouds, Monochrome, Superhero Monochrome, Jungle theme, Stars and more. But the theme I have decided on is Grey clouds with a bit of pastel blue and elephants. For some reason I have a huge love of elephants on baby clothing and thought it may look great to add with the clouds in his bedroom too!

Felt Cloud
L.E.D Light Mini Cloud
2 Cloud Shelf D├ęcor
Dream Big Wall Hanging
White Wardrobe
Cube Storage


  1. We have clouds and stars in our toddlers room and I just love it. Great picks!

  2. Aww I love all the clouds, they're so sweet! Something very relaxing and calming about them.

  3. Ahh I love this! What cute ideas - that little blue cloud is adorable :) H x

  4. lovely ideas! those cubes are so handy :)

  5. You have picked out some lovely bits. I love the hanging cloud xx

  6. ahhh i love the clouds - what gorgeous items xx

  7. Love your picks! That cloud mobile is adorable, can't wait to see the finished nursery xx

  8. Aww the look of the little guys room is gorgeous!! I cannot wait to see it all once it#s all finished. Thanks so much for linking up with #MadMidWeek

  9. These items are lovely for a kids rom,specially the clouds.Hope you will end up with a beautiful baby boy bedroom...

  10. I love your choices, we're actually getting that wardrobe for Toby's new room. Have fun making baby boy's room up!xx

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  15. I love that chair and even more so those moments we'll have when they are oh so little and want to be snuggled! I love the idea of pendants instead of lamps


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