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Baby Boy Clothes Wishlist

At the moment I have quite a lot of clothes, most were given to me. But I am hopefully going baby shopping in April time to buy a few more bits. I still look at my favourite onlines shops, looking for baby boy clothes. I am loving the range at NEXT at the moment. It is so different shopping around for boys clothes instead of the usual pink girls clothes. But don't get me wrong, I still love clothes shopping for my two girls.

NEXT - Dungaree Set | Grey 2 piece set

NEXT - Four Piece Set
H&M - Star Jumper | Star Wars Set
NEXT - Little Brother Top | 2 Pack T-shirts
TESCO/F&F - 2 pakc joggers | 2 Piece Set | Ahoy There Romper


  1. Oh the Next range for boys is just AMAZING this season, those "milk" items are my absolute favourites! I'm so jealous they don't go up to bigger sizes to fit my two! xxx

  2. Fabulous picks. We actually have the milk grey dungaree two piece. I love the vest, it goes pretty cool with funky leggings!

  3. There are so many fab clothing for boys this season I can't wait to buy more bits for Blake as he is starting to need to go up a size.

  4. I love the milk items out of next. I was looking to get James them but he was too big :( he is now in 18-24 months so just missed out on them. Lovely items.x

  5. Beautiful items you have here. I love the little Star Wars set and the clothing with the pop of yellow are adorable!

  6. so lovely! I like the star wars set the best! x

  7. Lovely outfit choices here, the little milk trousers are so adorable! I'm also partial to the yellow and grey theme together so that little sailor outfit is my favourite :) x

  8. Boys clothes are sooo much cooler then when my lad was a baby 7 years ago!

  9. aw how cute I do miss having a baby around the place

  10. Love how boys clothes are developing. There is so much choice now.

  11. Everything baby is always so cute. Your little boy would love these. ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants


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