Monday, 14 March 2016

Easter Tech Gift Guide

Easter is soon coming up, a little early this year but that's no excuse not to treat someone to something special. Easter is mostly about chocolate but there are some people out there who dislike chocolate (shockingly!) and maybe there are others who just prefer to spend money on things that will get used instead. Many of us love technology, as it is the 'in' thing for everyone right now. So why not treat someone to a tech gift this Easter?

What will you be buying for Easter?
* This is a collaborative post with Tech21


  1. oh some great ideas think I need to treat myself at Easter

  2. Great gift ideas, especially if you're trying to stay away from chocolate this year.

  3. Some fab ideas - my friend had a polaroid style-e camera at her hen doo and I've wanted one since! H x

  4. I'm allergic to milk so that means no chocolate for me (sobs). Some good alternatives here I might start dropping some hints lol thanks for sharing

  5. I would really love that camera, a great gift for those that don't want chocolate. Would be great for my travels.

  6. I love the fuji film camera :) great gift ideas x

  7. I need a fuji film instax camera in my life!

  8. I would love one of the fujifilm instax camera's, they look so cool perfect for a fun night out x


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