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Elliw's 4th Birthday!

On 5th March my youngest daughter, Elliw, turned four years old. I still can't believe I have am now a Mam to a 4 and 6 year old, and don't forget soon-to-be newborn in July! It just seems unreal. I am so proud of both my girls and how they have turned out so far. Elliw can be such a handful most of the time and is deffintley a lot harder work than Mia ever was, but I wouldn't change her for the world. She is my little girl, my baby girl.

Elliw has been really excited for her birthday for weeks and she couldn't understand that she had to wait until the actual day to celebrate her birthday and celebrate her turning four years old. We didn't really plan much and only sorted things out a few days before the actual day. We didn't have a lot of money to spend on a huge blow out party this year, so we have decided to maybe do that next year when she is in full time school.

Elliw woke up about 6am, her usual morning wake up call, she was so excited and wanted to go downstairs but I decided to wait until around 7.45 so I told the girls to play with some toys. It looked really gloomy outside so I didn't want to risk taking them out and didn't want to spend the whole morning in the house not knowing what to do.

She absolutely loved her presents of us and everybody else. She had many cards and money too. Just before lunch time my uncle came round for a bit and after he went, we headed off to the playcentre with a friend, her kids and met up with my other friend and my nephew. We were there from around 1.30pm until roughly 5.45pm. We decided to all go to Burger King for food then we went home. All kids were so tired but had a lovely day. Elliw fully enjoyed her birthday and went to sleep pretty quickly, for a change!

If you have not noticed yet, I am slowly starting Vlogging. A post will soon be up about why I want to Vlog and the reason behind it. I made this video of Elliw's day and I hope you all like it!


  1. Aww Happy 4th birthday little one! I love the cake, you are more talented than me! Reuben (my eldest) turns 5 in just under a week... *sob* xx

  2. Aww Happy Birthday Elliw!Looks like she was spoilt rotten just like she deserves x

  3. That cake though!!!! Glad she enjoyed it, it's a great time for all the family, a kids birthday isn't it? Fave day of the year my little one's birthday x

  4. Happy birthday Elliw! And oh my goodness - that cake, she's a very lucky girl and I love her little pout in the last picture xx #ShareItSunday

  5. Happy belated birthday wishes amazing cake looks like you had a fab time #shareitsunday

  6. I love the cake! It's my son's thrid birthday next week and it feels like no time at all doesn't it.

  7. I hope Elliw had an amazing birthday!! That cake looks amazing!!! Love that you've started doing some vlogs, will have to watch tomorrow :) #Shareitsunday xx

  8. aww cute post, I love the video of her ay always nice to record a big day like that! Love her cake xx

  9. Aw it sounds like an awesome birthday and that cake looks divine!xx

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