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Our Easter Egg Hunt

Mia was in her Dad's over the Easter weekend so I had decided to do a small egg hunt indoors on the Tuesday morning for both girls. I told them on Monday evening that we were going to have an egg hunt and they got super excited. Tuesday morning came and they were so excited. We had a lazy but fun morning, both girls played nicely and I managed to have a little lie in bed whilst the girls played. For some reason this week has been exhausting for me, I blame the pregnancy!

Around 10am I decided to start the egg hunt and print the posters out to stick around the house to lead them into the right rooms to where the eggs were. Whilst I hid the eggs in their bedroom I asked the girls to wait downstairs, then I brought them upstairs to my bedroom where they waited patiently (with the odd 'are you ready yet Mam?') for me to finish hiding the eggs on the stairs and downstairs.

When I finished I went back upstairs and got the girls out of my bedroom and they were so excited! You can watch the here video I put together of our little Easter Egg hunt on a Tuesday!


  1. Gorgeous girls! It looks like they loved their Easter egg hunt, they were so excited bless them! x

  2. Ah looks like your girls had fun egg hunting. Nice.

  3. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! I love their little suprises faces every time they find an egg x

  4. Aww how lovely, was great how you dotted them around the house. Loved watching that video you have a really lovely voice!

    - Cydney x

  5. Awww, they look so excited! I will be doing easter egg hunts for my girls from next year as they will be old enough to understand it then.

  6. Ahhh they look like they had so much fun! Kids love Easter Egg hunts!

  7. Aw their little faces! Looks like it was a lot of fun xx

  8. What great fun. I love their bags and their cute little smiles

  9. What cuties, we had an egg hunt in the pouring rain but the kids still loved it!

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