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A Sticker To Be Brave

The past week has been hard. I am not going to lie. There is no point hiding it really is there? Sometimes it's better when you just let everything out. You could say it's my pregnancy hormones that are all over the place and yes it's probably true but the things I have found hard this week aren't silly things. They are day-to-day struggles.

If you are a regular reader then you may know that I have never really got on with my own Mother because she hasn't really been one to me. About 2 or so months ago, I stupidly got in contact with her (it was a struggle!). The only reason was because she hadn't even said congratulations to me or my partner that we were expecting our third {her 4th grandchild} baby. I don't know why I did contact her for that reason, I guess I just got annoyed.

After a few texts we arranged for her to come up with my brothers and sister. It was so lovely to see them, I hadn't seen them in so long. My girls loved playing with them. My girls had no clue who my Mother was and one of them just called her Aunty which I preferred. They didn't really take huge notice of her. But I must admit, she was here for a long time and I did enjoy her company but there were a few things that I had to bite my tongue with.

8-9 weeks down the line and what has happened? I haven't seen her since. One text a week. Literally just once a week. Except for a week and a half ago where I just text her to basically tell her I can not to do with the let downs again. She replied saying she was shocked and so on and she really wants a relationship with me {heard that many of times over the years}. She then ignored again about coming up the following week. I have text her again to forget about. Did she fight? No. Ignored instead. Now I have not heard off her for a week. It has hurt me. Quite a lot. But I guess it's my own fault and I just got to get over it.

The girls have really been testing my buttons this week. Especially Mia. I feel I may get too stressed too quickly. I just feel I have a lot of things on my mind and I can't seem to cope with it pretty well at the moment. My itch with OC is deffintley back and I can't ignore the itch like I used to which I am gutted about. I have booked a hotel in Liverpool for me and my partner at the end of June and I think I just need that one night break away,

Friday morning got a little too much for me. Every school morning for the past week has been quite difficult, I am hoping for a better one next week. Elliw came up to me and gave me a sticker and told me it was a sticker to be brave. Elliw can be the hardest to deal with when she has daily tempers but she can also be the most amazing and caring little girl ever.

I love my girls and even when times are tough with them, all I need at the end of the day is a huge snuggly cuddle from them both.


  1. Oh bless you, I've been following your posts and I know how hard you have been having it. Big hugs, I love that your little one has give you a bravery sticker. What a sweetheart and testament to your lovely parenting. H x

  2. Oh that must be so hard huni. I guess we can't chose our family, but it must hurt a lot. Your girls sound totally divine x

  3. So sorry you've had such a hard week and that your Mom is not worthy of the title. Hope the sticker put a big smile on your face xxx

  4. Sounds like it's been really difficult. You have a lot of positives in your future to focus on, try not to let it bring you down but obviously hormones won't help. Everything is heightened at the moment. I'm so sorry you feel so let down. I hope next week is much better for you xxx

  5. this must be so hard - you are obviously coping fine without your mum in your life, though so don't let it get you down. You sound like you are a fantastic mother! x

  6. Sorry you're going through a tough time at the moment, pregnancy hormones always get the better of you but a good cry is a good release and helps you see the wood for the tress as they say. Hope you have a better week next week, keep smiling x

  7. Sorry to hear ur having a rough time. I don't have the best relationship with my mum either but I'm sorry to hear ur mum has upset u sounds like but doing fine withiut6her though.

  8. So Sorry to hear you had a bad week but sounds like you are coping amazingly especially without your mother. It can be tough not having a good relationship with a parent but you seem to be doing a fantastic job without her. I hope this week is better for you hun xx

  9. Sorry to hear this lovely! Sending you virtual hugs.

  10. I'm so sorry. You are doing amazingly and sometimes it's easier to just let go. I've had to cut my mum from my life. It's more stressful with her in it.

  11. Argh sorry you've had a rough time with your Mum, best to try not to let it get to you as much as you can and focus on the people who really do want to be there. It's frustrating when the girls play up but so sweet that she gave you the sticker! x

  12. Aww I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I'm incredibly lucky that I'm close to my parents, so I can only imagine the pain this must cause you.


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