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Why I Decided To Blog About My Pregnancy

There are many blogs out there. Some are annonymous, some are very open and some are honest but like to keep some things away. When I started blogging I knew I wanted to be honest but only up until the past year or so I have been very honest and open about what has been in happening in my life such as falling pregnant at 16 years old, post natal depression and much more. There are still some very personal things I don't wish to share but only because I keep that to myself. You have to keep some things private don't you?

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number three I knew I wanted to share my pregnancy journey on my blog. I waited until I had my first scan to announce the pregnancy as it was still a shock to us at the time. Before I announced my pregnancy  I knew what kinds of posts I wanted to write, I even had a list on a piece of paper in my blogging journal and I also had a load of draft posts ready to post. I did start writing from 7+ weeks and I was going to publish but things got in the way such as the scare of loosing my baby. I wasn't sure what was going on, my head was all over the place so I decided not to write about it as my blog was the last thing on my mind at the time.

I think I have written nearly everything about this pregnancy on my blog but the only thing I have not written is the week I will be induced. I haven't got the set date yet, but I will not be telling anyone other than close family and friends when my induction date is, got to keep some things as surprise! Otherwise. I have written weekly pregnancy updates which I am so proud that I have stuck to them. I write about my trimester experiences, pregnancy essentials, my personal top tips about pregnancy in the hot weather and loads of other pregnancy topics too. I really do hope I have helped or given advice to some pregnant women out there. I have also written my journey with Obstetric Cholestasis too which many people didn't know about but I hope I have started to raise a little awareness about this liver disorder in pregnancy.

I have still got a lot of posts left over to write and I can not wait to start writing for the baby category for my blog. It's so exciting. I have loved writing about my pregnancy journey and it's something I enjoy looking back at too. Even writing about the girls reactions and many other things, I am glad I decided to blog about my pregnancy and capture my bump growing each week too.

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Even before I started blogging I read a few pregnancy blogs and I loved reading their pregnancy updates and pregnancy posts, so I guess that inspired me to blog about my pregnancy journey when I found out about baby #3 too. Here is a list of pregnancy bloggers and mixed with a few of my favourite pregnancy bloggers too!


  1. A wonderful idea to blog about your pregnancy and look back on in years to come:-)

  2. I think blogging about your pregnancy is a great way to read back it n a few years time x

  3. I think it is a lovely idea to blog about your pregnancy a lovely thing to look back on.x

  4. I think it's really cool that you did this. I wish I had documented more of my pregnancies.

  5. I think it's so nice to be able to look back on your pregnancy and remember all the smaller bits as your children are growing up x

  6. I think its so lovely that you'll be able to look back on your pregnancy in years to come. xxx

  7. It's like an on-line journal writing about your pregnancy and I'm sure it will be good to look back on and remember what you went through as each pregnancy is different.

  8. I remember writing a post about how i felt about braxton hicks. When i look back now i truly howl with laughter. So glad i wrote throughout my pregnancy

  9. I remember writing a post about how i felt about braxton hicks. When i look back now i truly howl with laughter. So glad i wrote throughout my pregnancy

  10. I love reading about the journeys us women go through in our lives, and a pregnancy is one of the biggest and most important journeys we can go through! It's very inspiring!

  11. I think its a nice way to document everything, which you can look back on in the future and remember the good and not so good times!

  12. I love reading and watching pregnancy posts and videos - they are so great to look back on (one day I will do blog about it if I have babies) x

  13. Blogging about your pregnancy is such a lovely thing to look back on for yourself, but it's also helpful for people to read who maybe wat to read about other's experiences or maybe want to know what to expect themselves or for a bit of support. It's one of the things I love about blogs and blogging, there are so many different perspectives and experiences to read about. x

  14. I love that you have shared your pregnancy with us. I think it's a really wonderful thing to do - not only do you create a memory log for yourself but you also have a wonderful way of helping others in the same situation as you. H x

  15. One of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to your child is documenting these awesome nine months.

  16. It's been fantastic to be able to share this journey with you through your words. I have had three children myself and don't plan on having any more, so it's been a pleasure to relive it through you - the goods and the bads. :)

  17. I think it's nice to document things and also share information with others that might be going through the same things related to pregnancy.


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