Learning Your Child To Write With Write Size

We all want the best for our children and one of the things we can do to help and encourage our children before they start school is to help them how to write properly. Shockingly, the '3 R's' way of helping children to write have been abandoned in UK schools and only 53% of school children missed out on satisfactory grades on these fundamental life skills. 
Elliw is currently at the stage of where she is learning to write her name and a few other letters. So this means I have got a better chance in helping her writing skills now because she is interested in doing it and trying her best to hold the pencil the right way. We were given two packs of Write Size pencils for Mia's age and Elliw's age. 

There are 3 different sized pencil packs. The 3 sizes are: 2-6 year olds, 6-10 year olds and 10+ year olds. These pencils are all different sizes and the sizes are appropriate for the child's age. As it says on their website:

 "We would never give a 4 year old child an adult size football to play with or a full size guitar to learn to play music with? Then using the same logic, why do we give a 4 year old child a pencil, the most fundamental tool of education, that is nearly twice the size they need to learn to write with."

Mia and Elliw love to write and they have homework once a week from school so we were really interested in trying these pencils out and especially seeing how the pencils would help Elliw with grip and control. We did a few activities over the summer holidays and during the first few weeks back at school where they had to write and draw with a pencil. Elliw had always held her pencil with her full hand and never in the right way {only sometimes}. I found with the 2-6 year old pencils she held the pencil perfectly. It made me really happy seeing her holding the pencil the right way and this also helped her write and draw a lot better. I noticed she concentrated a lot more. 

It is so important to learn a child how to write because everyone needs to write throughout their lives as they grow. Write Size helps a child learn how to write the right way with grip, control and confidence. After reviewing these pencils, I would recommend these pencils to anyone who has got children from 2-10+ years. 

Price for these pencils are only £4.99 on their website. 

* I was given these pencils free of charge in return of an honest review post. 
As always, words and photos are my own

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