Learning With Topsy and Tim

Since my girls started to show interest in books and writing I decided to buy books and activity books that they would love but also learn from them. I think it's so important to help your child improve their reading skills and writing skills from home as well as school. There are many books and activity books around these days to choose from. We were given a range of Topsy and Time books by Ladybird to review and we were also given a couple of other books which the girls loved.

When I showed the items to the girls, Elliw went straight in to get the book with the clock. We decided to read the book together and tell the time. Mia knows how to tell the time so we let Elliw do it and asked her a few questions about the time and about the story. The story was about Topsy and Tim's day and you had to put the clock at the time that showed on the page.

We then went onto the activity books. We were given a Ladybird activity book which was to learn how to write with a pencil and a Ladybird Topsy and Tim learning book. The Topsy and Tim learning book came with a pen which you could rub off, the girls loved this book and they have done many sums for each other. There are many mathematics activities in the book for children to learn and it's perfect to be used over and over again.

The Ladybird learn how to write with a pencil book is well recommended. There is a sticker page at the back which you can use through the book. There is a place where you can stick a sticker at the bottom of each page once you have completed the page. The girls loved filling this book out and they have been doing 1-2 pages a day, so we are still filling it in.

These books were perfect for the girls who are now aged 4 and 6. Elliw started school full time this September and reading the Topsy and Time: Start School book was a great book to read and also the Topsy and Time: Our Day book was great to read but also learnt her how to tell the time. There are also a whole range of other Topsy and Tim books over at Ladybird.

* I was given these Topsy and Tim books free of charge in return of an honest review
All words and photos are my own

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