30 Things You Can Do During Your Kid-Free Time

We love our kids dearly but it's nice to have someone to offer you some child-free time, day or night {or both} once in a while. Having time to yourself or time together, if you have a partner, is healthy every now and then. It keeps me sane for sure. For the first few times you may be stuck on what to do during that time. Here are just a few ways you could spend your kid-free time.

30 Ways you can spend your kid-free time:

Get your nails done
Book a spa day
Have a hot long relaxing bath
Get your hair done
Watch a film with snacks
Have a few drinks
Meet friends for a catch-up
Go for a long walk on the beach
Do your food/clothes shopping
Search for holidays
Relax in bed 
Have a lazy day at home
Spring clean the house
Climb a mountain
Go swimming
Go to a friends house
Go see a family member
Go on a train ride
Catch up with work {if you work from home}
Have a meal out
Plan a get together with friends at home or out
Have a few drinks
Go to the cinema
Have a cosy night in with the partner or friend
Have an early night to catch up on sleep
Go to a hotel for the night/day
Visit a new location
Catch up on the soaps
Order a takeaway

What do you like to do when you're kid-free? 

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