The Week We Had #2

Enjoyed writing last week's post, and I was looking forward to writing this week. It's been half term for the girls this week. I was really looking forward to our lazy mornings and not having to do our usual boring routine before school. However, I was dreading the arguing the girls were going to have and the stress. Shockingly, both girls have been pretty much well behaved. Of course, they've argued a few times, but they've pretty good all week. The girls don't go back to school until Tuesday as there's teacher's training Monday, so I'm really looking forward to doing something with the girls on Monday. We only have one more week left until we leave for Bluestone again and we're all super excited. We're counting down the day.

My partner was working all day Saturday. The weather was pretty nice outside but quite windy. Mia was in her Dad's from the previous night and coming back in the evening. I decided to go for a walk with Elliw and Freddie. My friend came along with her two kids, and it was a good catch up. We had a walk down our local cycle track and then we returned back to my house to have lunch and a cuppa with a good chat while the kids played. 

We had quite a lazy morning, yet again. My partner was off work, which was nice. He took Mia and Elliw to a birthday party that they were invited too. I stayed home with Freddie and when they arrived back home, we all just chilled. 

We had a day at home today. I did quite a bit of housework and blog work. The girls were bickering in the morning but were good as gold then throughout the day. It was a pretty boring day, but it was nice to be home with all three kids.

Freddie decided to be up 4.30-6.30am, and so I was absolutely shattered in the morning. My Dad offered to take the kids for me. It was the first time for Freddie to be with someone for a good few hours, without my partner or me. It felt really strange being on my own, at home from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Although I was super nervous, it was nice to have a break. I got a lot of work done during the time. 

Later on in the afternoon when my Dad came back, he stayed for a cuppa, and my Nain and Taid came over to see us too. It was nice having them all three together here, as it doesn't happen often. The girls loved it, and my Taid let Mia put make-up on him, she was in her glory! 

I did a Day in the life vlog on this day. I had planned to go out for a walk with the kids, but it was raining, all day. Typical. However, we did have quite a good day. I did a lot of housework and de-cluttering which made me in a much better mood. I went to Slimming World in the evening to weigh and lost 2.5lbs, which I'm very happy about. 

My partner's mother came over to see the kids, which was nice. It was nice to have an adult come over to have an adult conversation (when the girls let me speak). The weather was absolutely horrible. It was storm 'Doris' apparently, and the winds were just unbelievable. The girls baked some cakes which they loved doing, and they were super tasty too.

We had a craft morning, the girls loved it. We did some painting, colouring, glueing and cutting. All the girl's favourite things to do. Later on, my friend and my nephew came over for the afternoon, and they stayed for tea, which was nice. Freddie had one of his longest naps ever. He slept for one and a half hours. Mia went to her Dad's at 4.30pm, and she will be back home Sunday at 6 pm. 


  1. What beautiful photos I 💙 that one on the walk where the child is hidden in the greenery! Lovely week Hun minus all that housework 😉 Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  2. Sounds like a busy week love the photos Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  3. I love the Panda sleep suit! I miss sleep suits! When the girls were little, they looked so cute in them! Sounds like you've had a lovely week. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  4. We had half term last week too. The weather was terrible and we ended up baking too ☺️ X

  5. "Later on in the afternoon when my Dad came back, he stayed for a cuppa," <------ he stayed for a cuppa? like, a cup of tea? coffee? I am in the US and have never heard that term. It makes me smile. Your kids are adorable, by the way. #marvmondays


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