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Having three kids our home is full of toys, papers, nappies, wet wipes and all sorts. The kids receive way too many toys over their birthdays and special occasions through the year. We have a small living room and so making sure we keep things away to still make it liveable and cosy is pretty important to us. We like our living room to be tidy before we settle for the evening.

At the moment we have the jumperoo and a Freddie's play gym's folded away in the corner but otherwise, everything else is kept away. We keep Freddie's nappies, wipes, bibs and our other bits and bobs in the 5 drawer rattan storage rack that we received from Rattan Direct. This high-quality handmade solid wooden drawer has completed our room. It's reduced clutter and it's been really handy for storing the kids items. It's also easy for the kids to still get their things if they want them, with the easy handwoven pull in and out strong-quality wicker baskets.

We are overly pleased with the storage drawers we received. The wood is proper solid and will defintley last many years. The baskets are a perfect touch and very high quality, like the wooden frame. If you're looking for a homely good quality, handmade storage, I would recommend this Storage rack from Rattan Direct.

Rattan Direct also offer other storage drawers that are smaller to this particular one. You can find their storage range here.

This post will be updated soon with a living room tour video added.

* I was given this item free of charge, in return of an honest review.
As always, words, image and opinions are my own. 

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