It's still hard to believe some days that the girls aren't little babies anymore. Mia will be 8 years old in December and Elliw will be 6 next March, it's crazy how quickly they grow. Their bond is unbreakable, but they do argue and fight like cat and dog at times. The time I absolutely love watching them is when they play nicely together- no arguing and just sharing. Using their imaginations and making up their own little story in their own little world as they go along.

One of their most favourite toys are their Shopkins, they absolutely adore the little things. We were given a little box for the girls to unbox and have a little surprise with what was inside. They were both over the moon and so excited when they received a Shopkin each. They received Crumbly and Crispy in their little surprise box. They added them both to their other collection of Shopkins and started making up their own little stories with their amazing imaginations.

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  1. In my opinion, it is wonderful that you let the kids show their imagination in different directions. They create their own interesting stories thanks to this.


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