As a family of 5, I tend to make sure that we all eat the same thing, most days. Some days my partner and I will have food later on, depending on how we feel but other days we will all eat together. As I'm currently a member of Slimming World, I have to prep meals from scratch, and although they're tasty and healthier, it can be quite a pain on what to have each day. I personally find that meals in the slow cooker help, a lot. Especially if you're busy and a parent.

As I get weighed on Wednesday evening, I tend to start planning our meals the next morning with a fresh mind. I look online and social media for meal ideas and some inspiration, I then plan the whole week on a word document on the Linx Tablet. It has really helped me each week to stick to my meal plans, and it has also helped with our food shopping bills.

When I plan our meals for the week, I write down a shopping list of the ingredients we need to make those meals. This has definitely decreased our weekly shopping bill, and we have been under our budget for a couple of weeks now - which we're pleased about. I've enjoyed writing everything down and being organised - which is a change for me.

The Linx Tablet is the perfect size for carrying around the house or out places. Which means whenever I want to type something down or search for something, such as meal ideas for families, I can quickly do it without having to go to another room to open up my laptop. It also has a 32gb memory, which is perfect for installing apps as it can install up 800 apps. I use a few apps that help me with my weight loss journey, and the kids also have a few apps on there too so they can play on it now and then.

What has helped you plan your family meals this year?

* Thank you to for kindly sending us the Linx Tablet as part of their New Year Campaign. 


  1. Will definitely be taking some tips from this. I'm a terror for going shopping without setting out my meals for the week. You end up spending so much money. Tablet looks great :D

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