I'm the kind of person that when Summer is slowly coming to an end, I want winter to hurry up but now that it feels like we've had cold weather for years, I want the warmer weather to come. I would love to get away from here during the winter season. There are two places that I would love to escape to during the winter and they are Tenerife and Thailand. I've never visited Tenerife before, but Thailand was my first ever holiday abroad, that I visited around 3 years ago now. I'm sure both places are completely different. There's something about Thailand that I really like, it's hot but life there is much slower than life here - something I like. I am always interested in their way of living, ever since I visited.

If I ever had a dream house in my dream location abroad, it would look completely different to this house that I live in now. I would go for minimal, bright and warm colours. I'm talking some whites, greens and light pinks - there's something about those colours now, isn't it? I am slowly falling in love with plants at the moment, I think they're the perfect touch to any home to make it look and feel cosier. 

I like plain walls, white mostly but I would add a featured colour wall such as a soft pink or grey. Having that warm-feel colour make a room feel that extra cosy, perfect for cosying up during the evenings. I would also have that colour scheme in the bedroom too. I love a bedroom to be the cosiest room of the house. It should be a place to relax and a place we feel comfortable in. My dream house would definitely include a super-kingsize bed. At the moment we have a double and would most definitely love to go up a size or two, especially having three little people who love to cuddle up in bed with us on the weekends. 

Talking about beds, I always look for the comfiest fitted bed sheets. You can find some luxury cotton fitted bed sheets here: I love duvet covers that go with the room, so for this type of room, a grey or dusty pink coloured duvet cover would be the perfect one. Something plain but nice at the same time. 

I hate things being everywhere, and although my house is just like that - things everywhere, due to lack of storage. I would make sure I had enough storage for everything. Having nothing on show and things kept away in nice looking sideboards, or boxes would be the finishing touches I would do around the house. I personally think that having a house that isn't cluttered, keeps you positive and in somewhat a good mood. 

What would you dream winter home be like? And where would your dream home be?

* In collaboration with Julian Charles

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