Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, with a few bad symptoms too (for some) but in the 9 months of pregnancy, we try and prepare ourselves for the new arrival. We tend to concentrate on the most common things such as packing the hospital bag, buying new bits for the nursery, buying new baby clothes and just preparing everything for the new bundle. As the time gets closer, we tend to start thinking about the labour and birth. However, something many of us (me too) don't think about, is stem cell storage.

SmartCells have teamed up with Netmums to learn parents to be about stem cell storage. SmartCells believe that every Mother should consider stem cell storage after giving birth. Stem cells can be used to treat certain illnesses because the cells can be turned into different types of blood cells. If your family has a history of illnesses, this could be a great thing to consider for your baby's future. 

After you give birth to your baby, the people at SmartCells come and collect stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord. They then store it for you, for you to use if needed, in future. The stem cells can treat conditions like leukaemia and lymphoma. To know more about Stem Cell Storage, watch the video below:

* Collaborative post with Netmums

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