On Tuesday the 6th of February, I woke up exhausted and with no energy of going on the school run. My partner opened our bedroom curtains and said it was snowing outside. I instantly got up and was super happy that it was white everywhere. I don't really like snow, but I love it on the very first day because it looks so pretty. We had an early start to the day and did our usual morning routine. However, I decided to keep the girls off school as I didn't fancy risking pushing the pram through the snow. Although, later on in the afternoon the snow had gone and the sun had come out.

After breakfast, we all got wrapped up and went to the back garden to play in the snow. It was Freddie's first time in the snow, and he was so confused, bless his heart. He loved playing in it and following the girls. I found the girls' snow sledge, and so they were pulling each other on that, made some snow angels and throwing some snowballs. It was really lovely watching all three play with each other and just having a different kind of morning to our usual 'routine' each morning.

The girls started bickering a little bit, Elliw was getting cold, and Freddie was getting a little fed up. So we headed back to the house earlier than I had thought. But they all really enjoyed themselves. I managed to take a few photos of them all in the snow, and I'm so pleased I managed to get a photo of all three together. Freddie really is starting to be a little character and loves posing for the camera.

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  1. Arh soo cute! Freddie is the perfect mixture of his two big sisters looks wise isn't he! x


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