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Life as Mum is an honest UK Family Lifestyle blog that was started back in 2013 as an online journal documenting our family adventures and milestones. Within the past few years Life as Mum has grown and covers various categories such as weight loss, parenting advice, pregnancy, blogging tips and more. It also covers the ups and downs of parenting life. Life as Mum started as a family 4 and is now a family of 5 since July after welcoming our newest addition, Freddie. We are just a normal family of 5 who love travelling, discovering new places to visit and love photographing everything we do. 


{ B e t h  &  P a r t n e r}

I am the writer of Life as Mum and a 20-something year old, welsh mum of three beautiful children. I fell pregnant with my first child, Mia, at the age of 16 and all I have ever known since then is to try and be the best mum in the world to my kids. I love going out for walks with the family and meeting up with friends {when I can!} for catch ups. I used to be a nursery assistant at a childcare day nursery until I quit after giving birth to my second child. I have since worked in an after school club and now I am currently working from home {blogging}.

My partner and I met each other back in 2011. We have since had two children together and he is amazing with my first child. We have been many places and have made many memories with each other. My partner is a full time heating engineer so we try and make up for family time on the weekends when he is home to spend time with the kids and I. 


{ M i a }
Mia is the eldest and was born in December 2009. She was an 8lbs 9oz baby girl who has grown to be an amazing and clever bright girl. She loves horses, writing, drawing and pretending she is a teacher. She loves her princess type things and playing with figure toys. When she was a baby her comfort was holding my little finger and that was the only way she would fall asleep, until she was 3-4 years old. 

She loves her sparkles, dresses, leggings and hardly ever wears jeans as she refuses too. She loves going to school but also loves her lie ins and have asked many of times if she can have a day off school to have a lie in. She loves to show her gymnastic skills such as doing the splits and handstands, she is forever doing them daily. She is a fantastic big sister to Elliw and Freddie. 


{ E l l i w }
Elliw is our youngest daughter but middle child. She was born in March 2012 and a 9lbs 8oz baby. She has grown to be the funniest and amazing little girl. She had trouble with her speech for a couple of years but has come on perfectly well after a year of speech therapy and speech school. Elliw loves to learn new things and her cuddles. 

Elliw is our little tomboy. She loves her batman, superman and those kind of things. She loves wearing unique and cool kind of clothing. She is such an energetic little girl who is constantly on the go 24/7 and is an early bird who loves waking up between 6am and 7am. 

Elliw has a 'blankey' that she has had since she was born and will not go to sleep without it. She has been amazing since becoming a big sister to Freddie. She has taken her role as big sister amazingly well.


{ F r e d d i e }

Our first little boy, our third and last baby. Freddie was born in July 2016 weighing 9lbs 2oz. He is such a bright and active little boy. He loves looking around and being nosy. He is a breastfed baby and is doing amazingly well. He is loved so much by us all. Being a parent of daughters for over 6 years it feels really different having a boy this time. He really has completed our family and filled something we didn't know that was even missing. 

We can't wait to go through all these 'first' milestones with Freddie like we have done with the girls. They are all just amazing.


Life as Mum will cover very honest posts such as the very lows of parenting and how I cope with being a Mum of 3. I do talk about depression and my anxiety and how it affects me. When I started to write my blog one thing I told myself is to be honest and not hide anything and print a 'pretty picture' because parenting is hard but very rewarding.


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