When i was pregnant with my 2nd child i suffered from Depression. I thought i would write this post because i haven't really talked about it much to many people and now i have slowly come out of it i thought it would be important to write about it and maybe it will help some people who have it or who think have it.
I had 10 weeks left to give birth my 2nd daughter, and to be honest all i did all day was sit, cry, sleep, look after mia (my eldest). I didn't go out, only on weekends sometimes when iwan was off work. I was scared, i got mad really quick, i just didn't know what to think or do. I felt like i wouldn't be able to cope with a 2nd baby. 
Anyway i had my 2nd daughter, the week & half after i had her, i had NEVER been soo happy in such a long time! I was in such a good mood. But after that past, when Iwan went back to work, then when Elliw was a month old we moved house. I was stressed and emotional. We were slowly settling in. I felt like i was alone, all my family half n hour away from me. If Iwans Mam wasn't around here i don't know if i could of stayed here for this long! She has helped so much! & i am so greatful for everything she has done. My dad has always been a phonecall away since i cant see him everyday. Hes been my rock! 
This past year has been a rollercoaster! I was suffering little attacks when i was getting worked up over being stressed or having no confidence. I had all sorts going through my head.

If you feel like you have Depression, Please go to the doctors and talk to someone.
I went to the doctors when Elliw was a few months old, He put me on anti-depressants.
I have been on them for just over a year. I have stopped now though, i do still get my ups and downs but ive learnt a few ways on how to calm myself down.
- Count to 10.
- Leave the room for a few minutes.

Symptoms of Depression (what i had) -
- Emotional.
- Moody.
- Feeling you can't live anymore.
- Feeling you want to hurt yourself to get rid of the pain.
- Feeling useless/hopeless.
- Crying nearly all the time.
- Getting upset over the smallest thing.

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