Hospital Bag

A few first-time mums often ask, what do i need to put in my hospital bag? or worry if they have everything there! Well i did anyway. 

1. Maternity Pads.
No point getting the normal pads after you given birth. I used Tesco Maternity Pads after both my births.

2. Beauty Bag.
Your own bag with your things such as - Brush, Shampoo, Shower gel, Hand towel, Anything you need. Oh and remember comfy clothes to go home in! And your pyjamas :-) Also bring some magazines or a book :-)!

3. Bag!
This is the obvious one haha :-) Try get a decent sized one that will fit most things in!

4. Blankets.
Few blankets for your newborn baby.

5. Newborn nappies.
Bring a handful of nappies or just a pack of nappies. 

6. Wet wipes.
Some hospitals wont let you use wet wipes, but i did for both my babies.

7. Cotton wool.
Incase youre not allowed to use wet wipes.

8. Dummies.
If you want your baby to have a dummy :-)

9. Breast Pads.
Defo buy these :-)

10. Camera.
Capture every precious moment.

11. Baby clothes.
Babygro's, vests, mitts, coat and clothes for baby to go home in.

12. Carseat.
Too take baby home!! :D 

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