Cute Summer Clothes

I LOVE clothes from Next, Winter, Summer and Spring! So i thought i would do a post on the outfits/items i love from Next.

1. White Denim Jacket.
I think this is so cute and fashionable! Would go with anything, Jeans, T-shirt, Dresses or a playsuit! Not sure about it being white with my kids though haha. Maybe i would go for a light blue colour! There are 3 colours to choose from! 

2. Summer Dress.
This dress is absoloutley gorgeous! looks so light and comfy for these active kiddies! 

3. Denim Shorts.
The bow on these shorts is adorable! And i love how the shorts are folded on the bottom too. So cute.

4. Jumpers.
Ahh i'm in LOVE with these two! The colours are gorj! And i just love tops like this :-)

5. T-shirts & Leggings outfits.
Absoloutley love the flowery design. But love the pink colour too! 

6. Buttlefly Pocket Jeans.
These jeans are adorable i think. Can deffintley see Mia and Elliw wearing these :-)

7. White top.
This looks light and comfy for a lovely summers day i think! Would look lovely with Denim skirts or Leggings or even jeans! 

8. 2 Tops.
These two casual tops are gorgeous! Lovely with Jeans.

9. Bodywarmer
Omg. How gorgeous is this?! Ideal for long sleeved tops or a hoody, and would look adorable with jeans or skirt and tights! 

10. Blue outift.
I have got this outfit for elliw as a present from someone on her birthday/Christening. It's absoloutley gorgeous i think! The colours are gorj! and the leggings is the part of that makes the outfit look best!

11. Peppa Pig Outfit.
Love tops like this. I think theyre quite unique and different. :-)

12. Flower Top with tights.
Lovely top/outfit for summer i think :-) Would even look great with jeans.

13. Top and jeans outfit.
Ahh in love with this outfit! Think it looks so nice and summery! Can just imagine Elliw wearing this now wearing white sandals! So cute! 

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  1. Shows how long you've been obsessed with Next for, this was nearly two years ago! :) x


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