98 Days Until Christmas!

Time for the trimmings and lights to go up soon, Won't be long and the kids will have fun setting up the christmas tree, leaving a carrot and milk for santa and rudolph, are you excited?
I am a little bit too excited for Christmas this year! I wasn't that excited last year, i was too worried with the money, depression and anxiety BUT this year i can not wait and enjoy myself with my partner and kiddies! Also Mia will be 4 and Elliw will be 21 months by Christmas. I've already started Christmas shopping and looking around for bargains of the toys i want to get them! 

Also i actually love this cold weather for some reason! Last year i was much bigger in weight than i am this year, so i found wearing jeans and hoodies way too hot for me. I couldn't stay in them long before i had to take them off, this year i can wear a hoody and jeans and a waist coat on top and still feel fine and cosy! Lovely feeling. (for me anyway lol!)

I love the style this season! These are a few of my favourites ;;

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

I love wearing natural light colours, and it's a lovely style for autumn/winter i think! 
Ahh look at number 6! I really love wedges, they are so comfy! Not quite sure if i could do the school trip with them or go for a walk with the girls but i would have to get used to them before even thinking going out with the girls - knowing my luck Mia will be really naughty ha ha! 
10 and 11 are my fave! I love Ralph Lauren clothes/shoes. These are super cute! I love leopard print too! Those shoes are just adorable! 

For Christmas this year which is in 98 days by the way .... :) I know roughly what to get for Mia and the things will be to do with Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse and Sofia The First, All her fave programmes and characters! With Elliw i'm finding it quite hard at the moment but i am buying them both a pram which i know they will love! Maybe Elliw a bit more though seeing as Mia is a bit of a tomboy since she was born! Lol. 

Have you started you christmas shopping yet? 


  1. Arghhhh im not ready to be seeing the C-word yet! It feels only a few weeks ago it was last Christmas! Lol I guess I best start preparing myself.

    Btw I love number 5!

    1. Ahh hehe! Sorry!! But i am so excited for this year! I actually do think i will loose sleep this christmas eve!! :-)
      Ahh i think i might buy it soon, loose another stone and i'll buy it i think! :) xx


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