How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Has your toddler had a temper tantrum yet? Terrible 2's, Naughty 3's maybe? As little as these little kids are - they sure know how to make a drama and get all the attention right?! It can be very frustrating and stressful for the parent but it can also be a bit more frustrating for the child. Here are a few tips to help you deal with your Child's temper tantrums -

#1. Toddlers can't talk full sentences and explain things like we can so it is hard for them to tell us exactly what they want - so instead they throw a massive tantrum! This is their way of showing us parents they're not happy with something and yes, we are the ones trying to work out what is wrong! Go to their level and try speaking a steady voice and just be patient and explain to them that there is no need to loose a temper and try and talk and find out what is wrong.

#2. Not enough sleep can bring on tantrums! With being over-tired. I always find if Elliw doesn't have her nap for atleast 20 minutes at 1pm then she gets really grumpy and moody after 3pm! It's always best to try and let them have a nap if they go down that is!

#3. Not getting their own way! This is where they have to learn that they can't get what they want all the time. This is where us parents come in and teach them that they can't have everything. 
#4. Frustration. Toddlers explore everything they see! Well mine do anyway. If they can't do something that they want to do, then they throw a massive tantrum. They throw anything they can see and my youngest will throw herself back and scream! This is where the 'Naughty Step' comes in to my house. If i see that they throw anything then it is straight to the naughty step.
#5. Patient. Being patient is the main thing when a child has a tantrum! If we get stressed or shout back then it makes the situation and the child much worse which will be much harder for the child to calm down!
#6. Attention. A lot of toddlers throw tantrums for attention! They don't realise that other people need attention too - especially if you have more than one child! If this happens - best thing to do is ignore them having the tantrum and let them wait their turn. 

#7. Calm down. Calm your child down when they have a tantrum! If you think or see your child starting getting into a temper - sing silly songs or talk about the day you have had! Calm them down and make them laugh to forget what they were going to have a temper for! 

#8. Ignore. Most tantrums it is best to just ignore. Don't take no notice, as the more you take notice the more they have tantrums as they get the attention for it! 
#9. Avoid. If you find what starts the tantrums then try and prevent it! 

#10. Thinking they know everything! This is my eldest daughter all over! She is at the age where she thinks she knows absoloutley everything! Everything she says is right - and in this situation i just ignore her if she throws a temper tantrum over thinking she is right. I will correct her but only twice - after that i will ignore.

#11. Shopping. One of the worst places a child can have a tantrum is outside/shopping! They get so bored and probably fed up sitting in the pram or trolley so they throw a tantrum or maybe they've seen something they want on the shelves that they can't have! One tip - do NOT give in. Try and bring things with you to make the shopping trip more entertaining for them.

How do you handle tempter tantrums?


  1. Great post! Our son is 17 months old and has already been having what we refer to as temper tantrums for the last month now. His is mostly due to being tired and not wanting to sleep. He will cry and throw things. We look at it as his way of trying to communicate with us so I have to agree that lots of patience is needed. We also have to remember as parents as well that we have frustrating days and so why shouldn't our toddlers.
    Stopping by from the Bloggy Mom's November Blog Hop. Following you via Bloglovin, Facebook, and Twitter.
    Have a great day :)

  2. I used to stop still, look at my daughter having her tantrum and then pretend to burst into tears too and say 'Mummy needs a hug', she found this so disarming that she would stop screaming and give me a cuddle!


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