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I was very excited when i was asked if i would review products for Shoplet UK. I just had too say YES! Ever since i was a little girl i've always had a pen and paper in my hand! I loved writting, every Christmas the best presents i had was new notepad or new pens! Pretty sad i know. But i absoloutley love Office Stationary and i'm very happy i have the chance to be on Shoplet UK's Product Reviewer Program!

I got sent a Sample Pack by ShopletUK with a few different things. Here was my honest view of all the products sent -

Z-Grip Flight Blue Pen 
I'm really fussy with pens! They have too be smooth and comfortable too write with! This blue ball point pen is actually the best pen i've ever written with! The rubber grip makes it ideal if you are writting alot which i do! 
You can buy a pack of 10 here for only £10.05

HB Pencils 
Pencils are one things i hardly ever use really, but i tried these and i wasn't that keen on writting/drawing with them but my girls absoloutley love them! They love the colours! Especially my eldest! These are recycled graphite pencils which are made from recycled CD cases and from UK waste.
You can buy these here for £1.44 each.

Touch Velvet Peel & Seal Wallet Envelope (Royal Blue)
This envelope feels really nice!! The envelope was closed when i was given this, the seal was very sticky and you could tell it was 100% sealed! As most envelopes i get i have to put selotape on top of the seal! These would be great for Wedding Invites or Special Occasions! A must buy!
You can buy these here!

Pritt Stick
A Pritt Stick is a must have in every house with children! But also it's quite important we get a Non-Toxic glue stick. And this is what this Pritt Stick is! Non-Toxic! Perfect. It is also a washable pritt stick which is ideal! and every pritt stick now has 10% more glue in it. Also made in the UK.
You can buy these here in pack of 10 for £8.54

Glo Elasticated Folder
I was given a red A4 polypropylene Glo Folder! It comes in 4 colours. Name card & CD holder inside! Ideal for all your paper work which also have elastic strap closure to keep your papers safe!

Avery labels
I think these labels are very handy especially if you are posting parcels or posting abroad! It makes the parcel/letter look very formal! I was given different sizes and also transparent labels too which i think is really handy, so you don't have too have the plain white background on every label! Every label is easy too peel. There are different kinds of sizes for these labels! You can get this range here.

Nescafe Coffee & Plastic Paper Clips
I was also sent a sachet of Nescafe Coffee, I don't drink coffee, so my partner had it - which he really enjoyed! The Paper clips were really handy! I got given different sizes which were quite handy really. Easier and safer to place papers together, especially if you have children around who like climbing things too grab all your important papers down!

Cambridge Notebook
I love notebooks, i'm sure i go through 100's every year! I spend so much money on notebooks, and there is nothing worse than buying a notebook and when you write, the ink goes through to the other side! That is what i loved about this notebook! The ink doesn't go through and the paper was nice too write on! Each book contains 160 pages. What i also loved about this was it is a wire bound notebook and has high quality paper which tears too full page size and is also hole punched! Ideal for businesses!

* I was given this Sample Pack for free from ShopletUK too do an honest review. All words and pictures are my own, please do not copy. 

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