From A Cot To A Bed

We recently thought it was time to move Elliw from her cot to a bed. As we already had a single bed from my uncle, i thought we would just put her straight into a single bed just like what we did with Mia. We pulled Mia's bed guard off hers and put it on Elliws bed. Mia has been brilliant without one, she now thinks she is a very big girl! 

I was really scared moving her from a cot to a bed as she is the youngest and still doesn't talk properly yet, she is still my little baby in my eyes. One day i thought 'right today is the night Elliw sleeps in this bed' so i moved all the clothes (the draws have been broken so all of her clothes were folded on the bed) and kept them away nicely and put new covers on top and folded the cot away. Which we are chucking at the end of the week actually. 

When we took her up to bed, we were really excited. Our baby girl going to her big bed. When she went to her room she was so confused as to where her cot was. When we put her in the bed she looked so proud. 
The first couple of weeks have been quite difficult trying to get her to settle since she kept coming out of the bed. Recently she seems to like sleeping on the floor but we always put her back in to the bed. Past few nights she has been easier to settle, she won't cry as much and she won't come out of her bed as much.

Tips from moving a toddler from a cot to a bed:

Make it exciting.
Maybe get a duvet cover that they like. If they like Sofia The First then maybe you could get a Sofia The First duvet cover. Praise them once they are in bed and call them 'big girl' / 'big boy' and make them proud of themselves.

Keep strong and stick at it.
Some toddlers won't be used to it, they may cry or keep coming out of their bed and just not settling. This is where you may have to do some controlled crying and stand your ground. Keep going back to the room and put the toddler back into bed and don't say anything.

How did you find moving your toddler from a cot to a bed? Any tips?


  1. Aww! How little does she look in that big bed! :D My son was the same - hard to settle the 1st few weeks but he got there and looking back I can even remember it being a huge pain! :D

  2. we've just put our two year old into a 'proper' bed - wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be!


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