How To Grab A Bargain

I love this time of year! January Sales! The only sale i don't really do is waking up 5 odd o'clock in the morning to the NEXT Sale. I have never been and i don't think i ever will be interested in waking up so early to go to their sales. But i do love looking around to grab a bargain. As most of us know, money is tight for us all at the moment so grabbing a bargain could save us quite a lot. There are a few things to know when looking for a bargain, here are a few tips;

Look around.Don't go for the first thing you see, if you have the time go to another shop or a few shops just in case you see the exact or similar item in another shop but cheaper. This happens quite often to me, but when i don't have time I just buy what i saw first and them i am really gutted when i see it much cheaper in another store.

Pick the right time.Try and pick a time where it is quiet, where you know not many people will be there. Such as the early morning, lunch time or late night (if they are open late). This is where you're more than likely to have a proper look around without a lot of people pushing in front of you. But it may also be best for the early morning so you get the first bargain before it is gone.

Online shopping.Try shopping online, with most online stores you may have to refresh the page every so often to update their stock. Sometimes it may help to reserve items so atleast you know you have those items you wanted. 

Misspelling on Online shops.There are some Auction websites such as Ebay you can grab bargains on, the real bargains are on the misspelling items for sale! Look around on the site before bidding. I've had plenty of bargains on there by looking around.

Buy One Get One Free Bargains are sometimes great! Have a look around for these - some are worth it and some are not.

Do you look around for bargains?

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