New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year for everyone to make some New Years Resolutions! I've been thinking of some recently and here are mine -

1. Get down to a size 14 by my 22nd Birthday (August 22nd)

I've set myself a target to get down to a size 14 by my next birthday. That means I will be back to the size I was before i had Mia, which i would love! My biggest has been a size 22, when i had to buy my first jeans that size that was when it knocked into my brain i need to do something! I've already gone down to a size 16 which i'm proud of so i know i can do it if i just put my head straight and work hard. 

2. Get to a size 12 by Christmas.

Same as above. But i would love to reach a size 12 by Christmas, I'm setting myself a year to do it - so let's hope i can do it! 

3. Make my blog more popular.

I would love for more people to notice my blog. I love blogging so i would like more people to notice it and would love to meet new bloggers on the way! 

4. Get 100,000 page views on my blog.

Would love to reach this many pageviews by the end of the year! Not sure if i will but i am going to try my best, even harder than last year! My blog will be a year old in May so hoping for a great surprise for my readers! 

5. Go to Thailand.

Iwans parents have a house in Thailand, as we were supposed to go in 2013 but we couldn't I would really love to go this year. I've never been on holiday abroad before so it would be great to go. The kids will also be a little older, i don't think they will remember but i'm sure they will enjoy it! 

6. Let my hair down.

I am going to try my best this year to stop being so stressed over everything and every little thing! I need to be more calm with alot of things and alot of people! 

What are your new years resolutions? Send your link below.

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  1. Hi Beth! Thanks for linking up to the New Year Project. :) Wow well done on going from a 22 down to a 16! I'm crossing my fingers that I can get back down to a 12. I'm currently a 16 too, and lately noticed I've been having to reach for 18s in some shops, so that was my wake-up call.

    Oh I hope you get to go to Thailand this year. I've been to Phuket and it was beautiful. Ridiculously hot though!

    Good luck with your goals for this year :)


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