Organising A Christening

I loved organising Mia and Elliw's christening days. Mia got christened when she was about 18 months old and Elliw got christened just before she was one. I think it is a really nice way to get all the family together and celebrate the child's life.

Place and Time.
It's important to sort a time out where all the child's godparents and the family can be there. With Elliw I chose a special time with it being her first birthday 2 days after I thought it was perfect. When you have a chat with the vicar you can choose a time which will be suitable for the child/baby, it would probably be best to do either way before, or after a nap (if they have one). As the last thing you want is a crying baby all the way through the christening.

It's always nice to stick to white with christenings I think. Mia had a new christening dress bought by her Dad whilst Elliw had her sisters (Mia) first birthday dress on. I thought what was the point wasting loads of money when I was in love the dress we already had?

Decorations and Cakes
I looked around for ages for the perfect cake. I finally had one, but I did want 'happy first birthday and christening day elliw elen' but I only got the happy birthday, which I was quite disappointed but oh well! It was still tasty and everyone commented on it how tasty it was so I was happy at the end of the day. I kept the decorations plain and simple.

You need to know how many people are coming and do just a little bit more than the amount who have said yes. We were really lucky that Iwans cousin made the food for us - it was lovely.

This is the important part in the christening. You need to choose the people who will be there for you and especially the child. Through anything and everything. You need to choose these wisely.

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