Happy Birthday Elliw Elen!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my youngest baby girl Elliw Elen! I cannot believe you are 2 years old already. Where has the time gone? You woke up usual time and of course you had no idea it was your birthday ha ha. But Mia was so excited for you. We didn't open no presents in the morning as we thought it would be nicer to open them when Daddy comes home from work.
Your main present (a wooden kitchen) didn't come on time so we went straight to town once we took Mia to school and we bought you a Peppa Pig remote control car and a book. BUT guess what! The kitchen came in the afternoon - how typical is that? lol.
We did a little party in the house for family only. It was such a lovely afternoon and you loved it. You enjoyed yourself so much you actually fell asleep in less than 15 minutes when usually you can take 30 minutes up to 4 hours maybe. You loved all your presents you got :
A kitchen, toaster, kettle, Peppa Pig car, Minnie Mouse talking teddy, Minnie Mouse tent, clothes, books and money. Oh and of course lots of cards which you loved opening!

I still can't believe how fast time has gone! Where has my 9lbs 8oz baby girl gone?!

These are a few things you do now:

You can say hello, tata, Nain, Mam, Taid, Juice, Mia, Poo, Potatoe.
You love watching - Mr Tumble, Show me Show me and Cbeebies programmes.
Your favourite song is - Martin Garrix - Animals.
Favourite item is - Your blankey.
Favourite toy is - Mr Tumble teddy.
You love - Cuddles, Dancing, Drawing, Attention and Eating ha ha.

You'll soon have your 2 year check up with the Health Visior soon so there will be an update on that since we have not seen her for months and month now.

5th March 2012 | 11.35am | 9lbs 8oz.

Happy Birthday Elliw Elen xxx
Lots of love Mammy x

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