Family Day Out

Not long ago me and my Dad arranged a last minute day out. We went to a place called Llyn Brennig with my Nain, Taid, Dad and Elliw. I would have loved mia to have been there but she was in her Dads. It was a lovely day out. We don't go out very often all together as a family since we live quite a bit away but we really enjoy the days outs. Next time I will make sure that all of us are there including my brother, his partner and my nephew. It will be such a lovely day.

We were really lucky that the weather was lovely and warm. There were so many people there including children. There was a massive lake and a path to walk around and a few people on their bikes and the others walking. Fantastic family day out. We went to the café for a small bite to eat (I didn't have anything though!)

Elliw really enjoyed herself, she abosloutley loves running around. We took her trike with us and she was very happy sitting on it, and looked so proud of herself - Ha Ha.

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