Elliw Has Reached A New Milestone!

I am really surprised on how these past 3 days have turned out. On Wednesday me and my partner decided to start potty training Elliw. So that morning I took her nappy off and the potty training started! She did 3 pee's on the potty and the rest were accidents, but what could I expect for the 1st day?! The second day I couldn't really help. I went for a bike ride with my Dad, Mia, Elliw and my little brother. We went 13 miles (there and back) and Mia and Elliw were in the trailer behind my bike, but Elliw kept crying and telling me everytime she did a pee so I changed her every time she said! which I am very glad she understood when she was peeing.
The third day (2/8/14) was very shocking. I wasn't quite sure how it was going to plan out because we always go food shopping and go see my family for a few hours on Saturdays. We went out for a few hours and shockingly she had no accidents! She had her pee when she came back home. All afternoon/evening then she kept going to the toilet when she needed one. If I didn't count yesterday, she has conquered potty training in 2 days! I am so proud of her. Can't belive how fast she has learnt how to do it. We have bought her more knickers now. Oh! before I forget she also had a first #2 on the toilet on the 2nd day of potty training too!
How long did it take your little ones to potty train?
Keep a look out for a lot of tips & advice on potty training these next coming weeks!
Also weekly updates on how Elliw getting on!

Super Busy Mum


  1. Well done Elliw :) she's doing fantastic! Xx

  2. Wow, go Elliw! She's really caught on with it fast! :)

  3. I'm a first timer on your blog, but wanted to say hi (and yay Elliw)! I've got all of this to come with my 15 month old and I'm kind of not looking forward to it. But after reading this, it gives me hope!

    1. My first daughter took a bit longer, but ive got extra problems with her. But Elliw my youngest has done fantastically well! :) She's not even had any accidents today!

  4. Two days - that's great. Looking forward to your tips and advice post xx
    Popping over from #sundaybest

  5. Clever girl! Let the good work continue x #littlemoments

  6. Well done, that's fantastic! #2 is always the toughest part to crack. #MMWBH


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