Leave Beyonce Alone!

Beyoncé is a woman I really look up to. Just look at her, she is gorgeous, she has the figure every girl dreams of, she does fantastic songs and she is just someone I do look up to. I have been going mad at all these ridiculous rumours with Beyoncé and Jay Z. Why can't these pathetic people stop making stories up, and just assuming things by the way Beyoncé stands or the way Jay Z's face is for a second.
It's a shame that their daughter will be able to read all of these headlines in years to come. It's not something a child wants to read about their parents. One thing I really can not stand is people making rumours up about someone when they don't know the full story.
I saw a post earlier today which you can read here. Here are a few things I think of the 'body language' 'expert' comments -

Beyoncé’s face“She’s giving a false smile,” Constantine says. If she were really happy, her eyebrows would be lifted and her eyes would be more open.

Maybe she is just feeling very emotional that she has just given one of the best perfomances and that her daughter was there. I have done that face towards my children! Don't see how this emotional face makes out that her and Jay Z are 'done'

Jay Z’s face
“This is what we call a flat face,” Constantine says. “There’s no expression whatsoever.” Happiness would be indicated by upturned corners of the mouth. But he’s less strained than Beyoncé.

To me it looks like he was just about to smile just before this shot was taken. To me it looks like he is just concentrating on his daughter.

“Neither one of them is looking at each other,” says body language expert Susan Constantine. “Their interest is more in their daughter.”

Well come on now!! It is a PICTURE.. That captures half a second or less of the rest of the night doesn't it. Also, it is obvious that they're daughter is more important, kids do come FIRST! How is not looking at your partner in ONE photo and looking at their daughter instead mean that their relationship is 'done'. If this is how 'body language experts' work then my relationship must of ended months/years ago LOL!

Beyoncé’s hand over midsection
She’s blocking her stomach area — the home of emotions in the body — indicating a feeling of vulnerability. Were she feeling comfortable, she’d expose her midsection.

Another pathetic comment. How does blocking her stomach area comment on her relationship. She is holding something in her hand, I stand like that most of the time if im holding something.

Beyoncé’s hip
Her hips are angled away from her husband, indicating disassociation. “In other [older] photos, you see Beyoncé leaning into her husband,” Constantine says.

Yet again, just judging on ONE photo. One word - Pathetic.

Blue Ivy
Her hands are clasped in a prayer-like way. Happiness would be indicated by raised arms and an extended body. Instead, she’s making herself small. “Maybe she’s praying her parents get back together,” Constantine says.

She is clapping for her mummy. She is a child. My children do this, and so have many other children.

Things like this really do get on my nerves. She gave one of the best performances. They are both just probably stressed over people making rumours and stories up without actually knowing the full story. No wonder if their relationship is a little bit under strain if they are getting all kinds of stories made up about them!

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Great post, you can't tell how someone is just from a still photo! Even if you watched the whole show a relationship can't be judged by just seeing a few hours of them! xxx


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